Thursday, September 24, 2009

Roger Attends Armani and Prada Show with Mirka and Anna W. at Milan Fashion Week

Roger Federer, with wifey Mirka and bestie Anna Wintour, attended Giorgio Armani and Prada's Spring/Summer 2010 shows at Milan fashion week. “Giorgio is a real class act,” Federer the NY Daily News. “He’s just a legend. We didn’t expect the show to be such a spectacle but I had a week off, so why not? And Giorgio saw me play (for) my country, now I’m in his.” Oh, and word is that Miss Wintour, who needs to be present before any designer can start their shows, held up the Prada presentation because she wanted to introduce Roger to fashion's elite. Nice being queen, eh?

If Rog and Mirka's twinnies don't turn out to be dominant in the tennis world, you know they could pull an "Olsen twin" and design their own lines. We know daddy would be supportive of it for sure.

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