Sunday, November 30, 2008

He always had a temper on court..............

Jimmy Connors was charged last week with a misdemeanor due to an altercation before top ranked UNC's college basketball game at UC Santa Barbara. I'm clearly a little late on this story, but I wanted to get all the facts and details correct, before saying whether I felt Connors was at fault in the situation. Apparently, a man tried to pick a fight with Connors. After that police asked Connors to leave. Connors replied saying that he wanted to let his son finish watching the game. But is seems like Connors was charged because of what he said back to the police, not because of what almost turned into a fight with a fan. Connors' business manager says that Connors is extremely dissapointed an embarrased about the arrest. 
Connors won 8 grand slams during his career and always had a blazing peculiarity on court and he seems to have not changed. He recently rejoined Andy Roddick's team, becoming his coach, after previously ending the almost 2 year stint. We should hope something like this never happens to one of our tennis stars again, but we can all imagine what would have happened if John McEnroe was in this position. We know his hot-headedness would cause something media-deserving to occur. So, was Connors at fault?
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SPAIN is the 2008 Davis Cup CHAMPION

Without Rafa Nadal, Spain still managed to bring the Davis Cup back to Madrid after a short drought. Spain, heavily unfavored against the powerhouse team of Argentina, managed to come through, with style, in a 3-1 victory over the Argentines. Overcoming injuries and a CRAZY crowd in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, Feliciano Lopez, David Ferrer and Fernando Verdasco managed to bring home the cup forSpain. David Nalbandian of Argentina dismantled Ferrer in the opening singles match, surrendering just 7 games to the Spaniard, but Spain would go on to sweep the next 3 matches after an incredible 4-setter between world number 8 Juan Martin Del-Potro and Lopez. Argentina's team was caught in controvery when Nalbandian and teammate Augustin Calleri got into a scuffle at a time when contentiousness wasn't need, rather a comeback for the ages. Lopez and Verdasco teamed up for the doubles match against Nalbandian and Calleri. The Argentines won the first set 7-5, but would go on to lose the next three sets 5, 6 and 3. Just like that, Spain triumphed and retrieved the cup that they lost the last 4 years. So, who will take home the cup next year?Who was the biggest contributor to the Spaniard team this year?

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

PNC Tennis Classis

So I went to the PNC classic on Friday Night and it was amazing! Juniors Chase Buchanan, Ryan Lipman, Gail Brodsky and Ajla Tomijanovic competed in the opening mixed doubles match, followed by an electrifying match between Elena Dementieva and Serena Williams. Dementieva triumphed 4 and 4, but the match consisted of incredible rallys and points. Also, Serena gave me a smile as I was in the crowd. She heard me screaming her name and cheering her on and grinned at me. Afterwards, during the autograph signings, she acknowlegded my support. I CAN DIE NOW!


(Pictures coming soon)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WTA TOUR: Who's Number 1?

Ask yourself, who is the best player on the Sony Ericsson WTA TOUR? I'm almost positive that your answer did not pop straight into your head as it would if I asked you the same question about the ATP Tour. The obvious answer for that one would be either Rafa Nadal and a few of you might say Roger Federer. But for the WTA, 5 or 6 different answers could work. Many of you would say one of the Williams sisters, for their incredible achievements at the grand slams. Some of you might say Ana Ivanovic or Dinara Safina. And I'm guessing many of you would say Jelena Jankovic or Maria Sharapova. Vera Zvonareva could also be in the mix after her incredible run at the Sony Ericsson WTA Championships. But since Justine Henin's retirement from tennis, the WTA tour has become a much different place for tennis. The favorites on the hard courts now become Serena or Maria, and on the clay, anyone can triumph. On the grass it remains Venus Williams but many players are rising on that surface as well. 5 different women have been at the top spot so far this year, after Henin held the spot for all of 2007. 4 different players won grand slams and 6 different women reached slam finals. Many would claim that Henin's retirement made womens tennis much more exciting, but for some undiscovered reason, I disagree. The Williams' were clearly trouble by Henin, and although I am a huge Williams Sisters fan, in a way I miss Henin's class, grace, incredible movement, stunning backhand and big serve for her small frame. I guess I am a sucker for organization and order, but seeing 9 different ladies claim a top 5 spot this year gets quite annoying. So, Who's the best?

Jelena Jankovic
Good: Year End No. 1
Bad: 0 Grand Slams

Serena Williams
Good: Reached #1 and Won U.S. Open
Bad: Bland at Aussie Open, French Open, and Doha

Dinara Safina
Good: Went 44-10 from 5/5 to Doha
Bad: 0 wins in Doha as #3 seed

Elena Dementieva
Good: Olympic Gold, U.S. Open semis, Wimbledon semis
Bad: After Olympic Gold said "“The rest of my career I can just play for fun.” Grand Slams???

Ana Ivanovic
Good: French Open Champ
Bad: 11-8 after French Open

Venus Williams
Good: Doha, Zurich and Wimbledon Champ
Bad: 18-8 for all other tournies

Maria Sharapova
Good: 89 % winning percentage (32-4)
Bad: Played until July

So, Who is your top 5?

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Monday, November 17, 2008


Pam Shriver hosts an annual tennis event in Baltimore called the Pam Shriver PNC Classic! Last year Andy Roddick Played John Isner for the event. Later on The Bryan Bro's played Andy and his brother, John. This year, one of my favorites, Serena will be playing Elena Dementieva! I have courtside seats so I'll be sure to take pictures for you all!


ATP TOUR: What a year it was....

2008 brought many unexpected  and shocking tournaments and retirements, so the best I can do is try to break it all down, and leave the rest of the job to you guys, to comment and discuss. Novak Djokovic won his first grand slam and the Masters Cup, which ended just a few days ago. He inched closer and closer to becoming a third wheel in the Nadal-Federer rivalry, which certainly elevated as well in 2k8. Djokovic was able to compile a 3-6 record against the two, with all of his victories coming on hardcourts. Nadal and Federer played what was arguably the greatest match ever played when they clashed for the 3rd straight time at a Wimbledon final. After 5 consecutive years of the Wimbledon crown going to Federer, it was finally relinquished to Nadal in an epic 5 set win for Rafa. Nadal won the first two sets 6-4, with Federer coming back to win the next two in tiebreaks. After several rain delays, Nadal won in the final set, 9-7, at about 9:45 PM in London. Nadal became the first man since Bjorn Borg to win both the French Open and Wimbledon in the same year. After a dissapointing summer for Roger, he got back to his old ways, dominating Andy Murray in the final of the U.S. Open. After seeing Juan Martin Del Potro win 4 straight tournaments over the summer, Jo Wilfried Tsonga reach the final of the Aussie Open, Andy Murray win 2 Masters Series titles, Gilles Simon defeat Roger Federer twice and quite obviously Nadal become the new No. 1 on the tour compiling a 70-11 record, we could soon see a fully new Top 5. Federer has shown staying power at the top for over 5 years now, but i could soon see Tsonga, Del Potro, Simon, Marin Cilic, Gael Monfils and Sam Querrey among the remarkable foursome of Nadal, Federer, Djokovic and Murray. Please discuss on the comment board. (click on the pencil beneath the Post)

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tennis 24/7

Hi, and welcome to my blog. I am a new blogger and being an avid tennis player, I decided that blogging about the men's and women's pro tour was a new and cool idea. I will post about results, ranking changes, shocking upsets and non-stop news on injuries, personal lives and equipment changes. I'm somewhat of an inexpierenced blogger so I welcome your tips and opinions on the year it was in 2008! I'll serve up the stories, breaking news and results, so don't let me hold at love, and return with your opinions, arguments and news that I missed! In case you might have been wondering who my favorite players are, I am definitely a huge Roger Federer and Serena Williams fan.