Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jelena's Mama Rips Ana a New One

Jelena Jankovic has always been one of the more entartaining wiomen on tour, always having a flare for the dramatic, but no one can doubt she works her ass off at the same time. She consistently goes far in almost all the tournaments she enters, and has played in almost every Fed Cup match for Serbia in recent memory. After her country lost to Slovakia in FC last weekend, Jelena's mother, Snezana, is PISSED that her daughter is carrying the team's weight while everyone else *cough* Ana *cough* is livin' the good life.

Jelena missed only one match for Serbia in the last 10 years. This time she flew 48 hours across half the world to play here, despite a serious wrist injury.

At the same time, somebody else had coffee somewhere while my child played hurting for her country.

Can't blame Mama JJ for her frustration. After all, it sucks to see your team lose when all you did was win.

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