Thursday, March 11, 2010

Serena Rambles on HSN

The last time I watched the Home Shopping Network was when a huge Baltimore snowstorm left me stuck inside my house last month and caused the cancellation of my trip to L.A. Subsequently, I locked myself in my room in anger watching this lady talk about this hair clip that covered up her bald spots, which she gladly showed on TV. This past weekend, Serena was tweeting nonstop reminding all her followers to watch her promote the Serena Williams Signature Statement collection on HSN, and I initially ignored her. But, you know Serena, when she is promoting something she keeps on going, and going and going. So following about 750 more tweets regarding her appearance on the network, I decided to tune in.

Here is some video above: she does a good job, but it's a shame the designers didn't.

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