Friday, January 29, 2010

Rafa Out for 4 Weeks with a Tear in the Knee

After being forced to retire mid-match against Andy Murray at the Australian Open a few days ago, the AP is reporting that world number 2 Rafael Nadal will be forced to take 4 weeks off to recover from an entirely new knee injury. The Spaniard flew to Barcelona from Melbourne to have tests done of his legs, and this injury is not a recurrence of the tendinitis that shortened his 200 campaign, rather a slight time that will cause Rafa to miss tournaments in Rotterdam, and possibly Spain's Davis Cup tie in March.

“After two weeks and depending on the results of the different tests and controls, he will steadily resume his sporting activity with a total recovery time to resume competition in fours weeks,” said Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, Nadal's doc.

“I feel good and I am only thinking now of recovering well,” said the 6-time major champ. “My main goal right now is to get ready again and fit to play the upcoming events once I am able to compete. It is a big disappointment for me not to be able to play at … Rotterdam this year.”

Nadal's world ranking will unfortunately drop from 2 to 4 following the AO. Such a shame, considering we all know he doesn't belong there.

Get well fast!

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