Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rafa and Shakira are Caliente in New Music Video

The wait is over, and Shakira's new music video for "gypsy" has been released, featuring a mostly shirtless Rafael Nadal. The song isn't the best, in fact it's quite bad and the harmonica only worsens the pain, but the sexy Spanish coupling of Shakira and Rafa do the video good.

Xisca will not approve of the steamy kiss at the end, but she'll just have to deal, 'cuz there are plenty of fish in the sea for Rafa, so finding a new one won;t be difficult.

Shakira on choosing Rafa:
“I thought that maybe I needed someone I could in some way identify with. And Rafael Nadal is a person who has been totally committed to his career since he was very young. Since he was 17, I believe.”

She's basically saying her ideal co-star was a big, young, buff Spanish-speaking athlete to make out with. What a cougar she is.

Anyways, check the vid out HERE.

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