Friday, February 19, 2010

Despite an Injury, DelPo is Still Getting Action

Obviously the humble Juan Martin del Potro wouldn't be one to let us in on what's going on with his love life. But leave that to the John Mayer of the modeling world, Brazilian Lola Bezerra. She told NZ Herald that she is doing away with, um, doing soccer stars, as her love fest with JMDP convinced her for good that tennis stars do it better.

"Recently I did Juan Martin Del Potro," Bezerra said. "He was rather tall which made matters a little awkward, and I had to pay for my own taxi afterwards, but he was still more dignified than footballers. I am decided. From now, I will only do tennis players."

Both sidelined with injuries, it looks like Rafa and Del Potro are keeping busy while absent from tennis.

I can already see the headline: "After an early loss Down Under, the Argentine bounces back and gets a different win down under."

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