Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nadal Calls for fewer Hard Court Events

Rafael Nadal, coming off his Australian Open victory, now has the guts to speak out about the amount of hardcourt events, and the scheduling of them. "Hardcourt surface is tougher than grass or clay for the body, and all the time we are playing more on this surface," the 6 time Grand Slam Champion told reporters and the media on Monday. "I can say that (now) because I've won a grand slam on hardcourt," Nadal said, after his Aussie Open win over Roger Federer. "Before, if I said that, a lot of people would think 'he (just) wants to change because he's a clay player. But, believe me, I don't think anything about if I am a claycourt player or not. When I say this, I am thinking about the best for the players and for the future." Nadal also acknowledged that he could barely move in 2008 U.S. Open semifinal aginst Andy Murray, after the grueling summer hardcourt season. He also said that the hardcourt injuuries were part of what prevented him from playing in the Tennis Masters Cup in Shanghai and the Davis Cup final in Argentina, which the Spaniards managed to win without the world number 1. Nadal hintd at the fact that when he retires, he would like to still be able to play football with his friends and compete in sports. "I would love to play football with my friends later when I finish," Rafa said.
"And I would love to continue playing tennis and to do what I want ... but if we continue to play this (many tournaments), later maybe it's going to be tough to practice sports."

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