Friday, May 28, 2010

Serena and Common Split According to InTouch

Yes, I know this is the same magazine that featured articles on Kristen Stewart being pregnant (false) and Whitney Houston punching Oprah (also false) but this new report could be valid.

InTouch Weekly is reporting that Serena Williams and Common, who expressed interest in starting a family just two weeks ago, have agreed to end their two-year relationship. The gossip publication, which I am embarrassed to say is included in my list of magazine subscriptions, cited a friend of Common's as saying the two "grew apart." Which is understandable, considering the two aren't together all too often. The rapper/actor is out promoting his new flick Just Wright, which is solid (yes, I saw it) while ReRe has shoots with Harper's Bazaar. nail technician school, her school in Kenya, and, oh yeah, tennis.

Williams was absent from Just Wright's premiere on May 4th. And as much as I hope this is untrue, I'm gonna have to put this report in the fact pile.

Serena, how bout you give us some inside info via twitter?

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