Thursday, May 13, 2010

Common Hints at Marriage & Kids With Serena on Promotional Tour

Serena Williams has kept pretty mundane regarding her love life (even though we all know what's up), but leave it to her rapper/actor BF, Common, to talk quite openly about the two's relationship and their future plans.

Common is currently traveling across the US to promote his new film "Just Wright" and him and Serena's relattionship has been a popular topic amongst interviewers and hosts, Specifically Ellen Degeneres. When asked about his tennis star GF, Common replied, "Actually, Serena and I have been close for about two years. It's been evolving. I definitely want to get married. I would love to get married and have kids."

He also talked about the unshakable nerves he gets when watching Williams, saying, "I sit there, and I'm just tense. people try and talk to me, and I tell them to be quiet. I was sitting next to Richard Branson and I didn't pay attention."

Time for ReRe to spill some deets too!

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