Friday, May 28, 2010

Rezai and Bartoli are Bitch Fighting...French Style!

Most players would rather not clutter their mind with nonsense during a major championship, but Marion Bartoli and Aravane Rezai. France's top two players, are WAY below that. WAY below.

It's pretty evident that the two had a little rivalry growing up in the juniors and that they have yet to move past their childish ways and are bringing them into the Roland Garros press rooms. Yay! More drama for us!

Rezai has been garnering a lot of attention at this year's French after her impressive title in Madrid, and when it was brought up that Bartoli was a jealous of all of the press her compatriot was receiving, Rezai responded with this:

"Marion is a difficult girl. She already attacked me two years ago when I reached the final in Istanbul. If she has a problem with me, I don't know, because I did nothing. That's a bit of a shame, but that's her education. I mean, she attacked me many times in the press.

"I don't have the same education as the one she has. I think I have respect for players. I do what I have to do. I get on with many people. But with Marion, it's very difficult. She has difficulties getting included with the other girls."

And then it was war. After Bartoli reached the 2nd round she was asked if the media storm surrounding Rezai, despite Bartoli's higher ranking, bugger her. And the 2007 Wimbledon runner-up said,"I don't give a damn," later adding, "When I played semis in Miami, I had the impression that nobody cares. Nobody notices. You can manage the way you want. I don't care. I try and play well and win matches."

Then the 13th seed was asked about her ambitions and conspicuously threw a punch at Rezai with her response. "There is no ambition, you know. The player who had ambition is the player you mentioned before."

Yep, no amBITCHin whatsoever. Keep it up ladies. RG needs to be spiced up.

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