Monday, November 30, 2009

Serena Fined Record-Breaking 82.5K

Thought this was old news.....guess not.
Serena Williams has been fined an extra $82,500 from the ITF after further investigation regarding her infamous tirade at the US Open directed toward a lineswoman's REDICULOUS brave call in the American's semifinal match against eventual champ Kim Clijsters. The record-setting fine beats out Jeff Tarango's $48,000 fine in the 90's. The wordl number 1 originally had to cough up 10K but OF COURSE tennis' officials looked into the situation and upped the fine. They also put the diva on probation, meaning 1 more offence and the younger Williams could be banned from the following US Open.

Better be on your best behavior 'Rena.
Who am I kidding!? Keep it up girl. Any publicity is good publicity.....right?

Besides, whats 82K to an 11 time GS champ/Glamour 'women of the year'/fashion designer/ script writer/action star?

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