Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Elite 8 Get Dapper in London

Barclays ATP World Tour Finals - Media Day

The top 8 men on the ATP Tour geared up in London, but not in their tennis gear, for their traditional photoshoot and press conference. I found Roger and Rafa's two different approaches to the battle for year-end number 1 very interesting. Here's a soundbite.

“I am aware of it (the race to finish world number one) and I would be lying if I said I was just here to play well.” Definitely I am here to win the tournament and to try to stay number one in the world. It is obvious. The competition is really stiff so it is not going to be easy for me or Rafa if he wants to get it.”

“For me the main thing is to be here and enjoy this experience,” Nadal told reporters. “Playing the tournament in London will be amazing. The rest, finishing number one doesn’t matter. My only goal is to try to play my best tennis here in London. If I win the tournament it doesn’t matter if I am number ten. The ranking is important yes, but not the most important thing for me.”

God Bless those horrific ties that the ATP made them wear.

Can you say...AWKWARD?

Barclays ATP World Tour Finals - Media Day

Barclays ATP World Tour Finals - Media Day

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