Saturday, August 21, 2010

Serena Withdraws From Next Week's US Open

We all assumed that Serena Williams would return to this year's US Open with a vengeance after the 2009 incident that disqualified her from her semifinal match, but the American will unfortunately be unable to do so, as she has pulled out of the year's final slam, citing a foot injury.

Shortly after her Wimbledon win in July, Williams stepped on broken glass at a restaurant in Munich and has been unable to play since. On July 15th the top-ranked Williams underwent surgery and yesterday announced her withdrawal.

Serena tweeted her devastation on Twitter and later released a statement through the AP expressing her "frustration and deep sadness," about being unable to regain the crown she won in 2008.

Serena isn't the only one hurting from this news. The US Open has also taken a huge hit, as many, including myself, come year after year to see the likes of Serena, Federer and Nadal.

Hopefully, Serena will return to the tour in the fall healthy and ready to pick up where she left off.

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