Friday, July 9, 2010

Rafa to Support Spain in WC Final

Rafael Nadal has decided to skip Spain's Davis Cup tie along with postpone his knee treatment to support his country in the World Cup final in South Africa against the Netherlands. Perhaps this is a precautionary measure seeing as it would be a difficult task to be asked to focus on a tennis match, and one that doesn't count for rankings even better, while you're favorite soccer team is playing in a game that could be one-in-a-lifetime.

Sucks for Rafa's Davis Cup teammates who will be doing the dirty work against France while Nadal kicks it with his Wimbledon trophy and a beer.

Traveling to SA also means that Rafa will need to delay the scheduled treatments on his knees, but he has over a month until his next tournament, Montreal, so I'm sure he'll squeeze it in some time in between.

Unless, of course, Spain loses and he takes the rest of the year off. Vamos Espana!

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