Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rafa Says Leave Tiger Alone; I Say NO

HSBC Champions - Final Round

Rafael Nadal, who referred to Tiger Woods as his idol following the golfers 2008 US Open win on one knee, has offered his opinion on Tiger's admitted "transgressions", " I am surprised you talk about that,” Nadal responded to the media. “That’s my surprise . . .we aren’t nobody to talk about his privacy life, no? He don’t have to say, explain to nobody about what he’s doing in his private life. That’s my think(ing). I think he’s a big champion and we have to respect his private life.”
Ummm, perhaps Rafa's idol shouldn't have alledgedly cheated on his drop-dead gorgeous wife with two hoebags, and run his car into a tree at 2:30 in the morning. And since when does being "a big champion" excuse him from being faithful? After all, we all know that being a celeb comes with it's consequences, rightttt Tiger. Good luck with the ensuing media storm you'll be recieving, Mr. Woods. Wait...I take that back. You deserve allll the crap your gonna get.