Sunday, December 27, 2009

Djokovic to Make a Cameo in Iron Man, Star in TV Show

Fame gotten to your head much?

Novak Djokovic is set to star in a 10 part mini-series about the life of Yugoslavian King Aleksancer I. Djokovic will play the man in charge, with his little brother Dordje playing the king in his younger years. Xinhua had the deets:

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic will act as a king in a new TV series about the life of Yugoslav King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic (1888-1934), according to an announcement in Belgrade on Wednesday. Aleksandar Karadjordjevic was the first king of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia as well as the last king of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.

The series, comprising 10 episodes, will have a budget of 2,779,000 euros, while the role of King Aleksandar will be played by Novak Djokovic and the filming schedule begins in March 2010 and will be adapted in line with Djokovic’s.

Novak Djokovic’s youngest brother, Djordje, will be playing young Aleksandar Karadjordjevic.

The director Stojan Stojcic noted that the work on the series dated back to 2005, adding that it was an important project that would help promote Serbia in the world and that it would probably be aired in 2011.

And about the Serb's role in Iron Man 2, a message on Djoko's website said this:

The world number three has got acting offers. Novak said he had an offer for a major role in a series and a smaller role in a Hollywood movie, as well as in a series about King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic.

He should appear in the sequel of the Hollywood action hit “Iron Man” with Robert Downey Jr. in the title role. The world premiere of the film is expected in early May 2010.

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