Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ITF Removes Ban; Malisse and Wickmayer Allowed to Play

Just a few months ago, Belgians Yanina Wickmayer and Xavier Malisse were suspended from competing professionally due to whereabouts regarding doping, but the ITF has now lifted the ban and the two will be allowed to play. Wickmayer just recently reached the semifinals of the US Open while Malisse was a Wimbledon semifinalist in 2002. Wickmayer, ranked in the top 20, received a wildcard to the ASB Classic, a tuneup to the Australian Open, immediately following the court ruling, and the 2o year old is hoping to receive another wildcard into the year's 1st Grand Slam. "As a signatory to the WADA Code, the ITF is required to give wider recognition to decisions within the authority of other signatories,'' said the ITF on Wednesday.

Wicky is a fun one to watch, so I'm happy about this, but what needs to end is the ITF's constant, and when I say constant, I mean constant, stalking of it's players. I mean, it's okay if you wanna test your players frequently, but to force them to be available 365 days a year is rediculous. Also, they have to give three months' notice of where they are going to be in case a test is needed. Who the hell knows where they are going to be 3 months from now. For all I know, Novak Djokovic could be modeling mankinis in a fashion show, with Roger Federer and Anna Wintour sitting front row, and the ITF will come walking in to take a test.

Something needs to be done. Pronto.

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