Saturday, June 19, 2010

Off to Europe

Wimbledon coverage on Serve and Return will be quite sporadic this year. I am 15 minutes away from boarding a plane to Barcelona, where I'll be embarking on a cruise that hits Rome, Florence, Monte Carlo, Mallorca (Rafa's birthplace) and Naples. Of course, it goes to all the European cities BUT London! So no, I won't be seeing any Wimby action. I'll try to update as often as possible based on how much internet is on the ship.

There isn't time to do a men's prediction post so I'll just tell you real quick here.

Semis: Federer def. Roddick, Nadal def. Murray

Finals: Nadal def. Federer

Enjoy your breakfast at Wimbledon!

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tenaciouslytennis said...

Enjoy your trip! By the way, great blog.

I think your predictions for Wimbledon are just about spot on.

Check out mine if you have the time -- they're on my blog: