Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gear Wrap-up

Whether you're a Wilson guy or a Prince girl, the following equipment works for everybody. Well, almost everybody. So here is a list of the best gear of 2k8, from A to Z.

A- The Addidas Barricade 5 Shanghai looks cool, is comfortable, moves well and is being used by many pros. It is made of synthetic leather and has anatomically molded EVA insole for comfort.

B- The Babolat AeroPro Drive is used by Nadal and many other pros. It has a built in vibaration filter customized for player needs and Babolat has innovated it's racquets so that the strings and frames interact when hitting the ball.

C- Cage II Men's nike tennis shoes are a hit this winter. Worn most notably by Nadal, The shoe has added a more cuhioned sole from it's previous version for added support. The shoes requires a break-in, but it's worth the few days. The shoe is for a serious player with a serious need for new footwear.

D- Nike's Dri-FIT men's sleeveless shirt is another one on the list worn or used by Nadal. Breatheable dri-FIT material will keep you sweat-free and comfortable, even for a match like the 5-setter played by Nadal and Federer at Wimby 2008. It worked for Nadal.

E- Nike's Elbow Sleeve was worn by several players in 2008. With built in cushioning it's great for tennis elbow. Although havinjg the injury isn't fun, from personal expierence, if you use the poroper equipment, the nagging injury is gone in no time.

F- Federer's Nike Hat is worn by Roger and me. As a huge fan I sport the hat almost everywhere I go. It's comfortable and perfect for Rpger's best fans. For those of you who adore Nadal, if he keeps this play up, Nike will probably make a hat in his name as well.

G- Games......Top Spin 3, to be exact. Although many of us are constantly out on the court, if you ever have time to play a video game, Top Spin 3 is a great choice. Wioth exccellent gameplay and solid graphics, Top Spin 3 blows other tennis video games out of the water.

H- The Head microGel Prestige Pro, used by Andy Murray, has a soft feel and an interesting string pattern. Inbstead of the traditional 18x20 strings, the Prestioge Pro has a 16x19. The racquet has a lot of added spin potential because of the string pattern and is a great option for Head lovers.

I- Ivo Karlovic's serve. Unless you are 6'10 and have an astounding serve to begin with, then you won't be able to add this to your tennis game. You can't buy it either. But you can read about it here...

J- Not much equipment for J, but tickets to the new ATP tournament in Johannesburg in 2009 would be nice.

K- The K Blade Tour 93, my personal racquet, is the greatest thing that happened to me in 2008. It came out in Januray, I got it in Januray and until something tops it,. I don't see myself using any other racquet until a Januray 5 years from now. I might not use it that long but it has a pefect dose of (K)ontrol and poiwer and is perfect for any avid player. It is extremely playable and very stable. NOTHING tops it.

L- Lacoste Tennis clothes are raising in stock rapidly. Worn by Andy Roddick for years now, Lacoste's tennis clothes are classy, comfortoble and afordable.

M- The "Magician of Precision" T-Shirt along with Nadal's "Matador of Spin" shirt are great for a casual hit with a friend. Both players' faces are featured along with their respective nickname. Click here for both shirts....

N- Nike SWOOSH bandanas worn by Federer and many others are comfortable and most important of all, look cool. They are great accesorie for an intenmse match. Also, they can be used as a serious intimidation factor in a big match.

O- The Open Book is a compilation of the last 40 years at the U.S. Open. It is complete with dramatic pictures and great memories from historic matches.

P- The [K] Pro Tour Super Six is the best bag of the year, by far too. In the same colors as the Addidas Bariicade Shanghai 5's, this bag can hold 6 racquets and has a removeable waterproof bag installed in it for sweaty or wet clothes. I'm not done yet either. It has 3 extra center compartments and much, much more.

Q- Not much begins with Q in the dictionary, so not much begins with Q in the tennis world either. I'll skip this one, and give myself a break.

R- The RED Nike Fall Pro Bandana was a huge hit with Nadal, and iot was a huge hit with m,any other recreational players this year. Also, if you are a Spain fan, the bandana is red with a yellow Nike symbol.

S- Another bandana, but even better. The Summer Nike Green Bandana was worn by Rafa at the French. It has green diagonal lines going across it and it gets a lot of style points.

T- The Team Prince 03 Speedport is a great racquet for players that want big frames and playability. It is very light, but still contains a good feeling coming off the racquet.

U- UnderGrips or otherwise called Replacement Grips. Although they seem like just another tennis necessecity, the leather under grips that come with the [K] Factors are great. They can get slippery, but they have a good feel and lets you get a firm feel of the racquet.

V- The Adidas Barricade V is a comfortable fit with support. It is recommended for a hardcourt, but has been reviewed as an all around shoe.

W- The Nike Winter Master Polo is worn by Roger Federer. It is a classy option that comes in 5 different colors. If you want to look like Roger buy it, but playing like him might cost you some more.

X- Sorry, but I got nothing for you.

Y- The Yonex RQ 1 has been reviewed as an all-around great racquet. It generates enough power to let the player generate their own as well. It is a bit on the heavy side, but it has a sweet paint job.

Z- It's time to get to sleep, so all i have for you is ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

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