Sunday, November 30, 2008

He always had a temper on court..............

Jimmy Connors was charged last week with a misdemeanor due to an altercation before top ranked UNC's college basketball game at UC Santa Barbara. I'm clearly a little late on this story, but I wanted to get all the facts and details correct, before saying whether I felt Connors was at fault in the situation. Apparently, a man tried to pick a fight with Connors. After that police asked Connors to leave. Connors replied saying that he wanted to let his son finish watching the game. But is seems like Connors was charged because of what he said back to the police, not because of what almost turned into a fight with a fan. Connors' business manager says that Connors is extremely dissapointed an embarrased about the arrest. 
Connors won 8 grand slams during his career and always had a blazing peculiarity on court and he seems to have not changed. He recently rejoined Andy Roddick's team, becoming his coach, after previously ending the almost 2 year stint. We should hope something like this never happens to one of our tennis stars again, but we can all imagine what would have happened if John McEnroe was in this position. We know his hot-headedness would cause something media-deserving to occur. So, was Connors at fault?
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